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93X KQQX 93.3 fmx on facebook

Message from the top

Hello fmx.rocks listeners from M. Raphone. So far the equipment has been working almost flawlessly as was sorta expected. There is a new simpleton facebook page where you can show us who you are by friend requesting. I say simpleton because I am stupid and lazy and haven't replied back to anyone yet. Finding out about you is our main goal at this point. We are putting together a 2020 93X hybrid version of what was done by us in the past. Hop on the fmx.rocks facebook page and tell us about yourself and your opinion of what you are listening to. Honestly we may have 6 people listening at any given time but that will grow steadily. Also keep in mind that we need a few small contributions to keep this going strong. We will have more info on that soon. Enjoy --- for now. Tkyou  

Basically we are following the BDS charts (seen in the blue link box below) as unlike a radio station that is forced by management to play only 40 minutes of music per hour (the rest of the time is commercials) we got that extra time to play more tracks per hour here or 1/3 more music every hour. That's more music every hour! One of our old friends and past voice on 93X has surfaced and will give us some new announcing in the future. Been thinking about letting our listeners and the general public get and give away 3 months of commercial free music on here via a passcode, More info coming. (Randy) Mike Raphone by for now.

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